Overseas Shopping Guide

International Sales

PUTUMAYO products sold from the official PUTUMAYO online shop are intended to be sold domestically, exclusively within Japan. For any and all international sales, all shipping, distribution and conveyance must and will be exclusively carried out by “Tenso.com”. This is a non-negotiable term and failure to comply with said parties will result in a forfeit of warranty and possibility of criminal charges. For any enquires and information of usage regarding “Tenso.com” please visit the official Terms of Service page.

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3 EASY Steps to purchase

Step.1 Register with tenso.com

Upon completion of registration, for delivery logistics, you will recieve a temporary address in Japan free of charge from which goods will then be shipped internationally.

Step.2 Purchasing items from the PUTUMAYO offical online shop.

When purchasing, please use the address recieved in Step 1.

Step.3 tenso.com will ship your purchases overseas.

Any and all purchases will first be delivered to the tenso.com store in Japan. After all payments are verified, deliveries to any such desired addresses will procure.

Shipping & Handling Fees from \580 ! Handling Fee \50~ + International shipping fee \530~

The shipping and handling costs of sending your package overseas is the sum of the international shipping fee and the handling fee. We will ship your package overseas to you after receiving payment for the such fees.

※ Fees are calculated based on the overall weight, dimensions and destination of the package. (Calculated from the original shipping address)

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Shopping Guide

Step.1 Add to cart

Step.2 (Proceed to the) Check-out

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Step.5 Enjoy your new purchases!